A Yuletide Horror

Case No. 04: A short story published December 2019, and consisting of about 6,000 words.

It's just a week before Christmas, and something is stirring in the Robinson's house! Strange noises at all times of the day and night, objects moving on their own, and disappearing Christmas treats threaten to not only ruin the family's holiday but drive them from their home. Having exhausted every means to solve the problem, Mr. Robinson contacts occult detective Thomas Carnacki, who discovers a mysterious, invisible force at work in the house. But what is it? And from where has it come? Carnacki finds himself drawn into a world of darkness and death that proves more formidable then even he anticipated. If he is to save the family's home, he's going to need help. Having enlisted the aid of friends, he must find a way to eliminate the invading agency and close the portal through which it has come.

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