The Curse of the Black Obelisk
(The Black Obelisk, Part II)

Case No. 05: A short story published January 2020, and consisting of about 11,000 words.

While the case at Halton Grange had been brought to a successful conclusion, troubling questions remained. From where had the obelisk fragment come? What was the nature of its power? And, was a greater conspiracy at work? Turning his attention to these questions, Carnacki finds himself haunted by a recurring dream and pursued by a strange presence: a sinister agency intent upon recovering the fragment. Undaunted, he continues his investigation, and is led to an ancient ruin in the Scottish Highlands, a place of dark legend avoided by man and beast alike.

Meanwhile, in London, Carnacki's inner circle of friends and associates are concerned: The famous occult detective has not been seen or heard from in months. Initiating an investigation of their own into the matter, they find themselves, like Carnacki before, drawn to an ancient seat of power in the North. But what will they discover when they get there? Part II of The Black Obelisk, a continuing series.

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