The Adventure of the North York Moors

Case No. 06: A short story published March 2020, and consisting of about 11,000 words.

Carnacki had been looking forward to the hunting trip with his friends to the North York Moors. It was just the break they needed from the hustle and bustle of London. And, initially, they weren't disappointed: The weather had been beautiful and the game plentiful. But one night, having become lost, the party takes refuge in an abandoned mansion perched upon a desolate hilltop. In one of the rooms they find a strange message—or perhaps an incantation—for after reading it they're confronted by a terrifying phantasm capable of warping reality itself! They later learn of the reputation of the mansion, and the spirit that is said to haunt the place. But what is the nature of this Outside force? And, why does it haunt the mansion? Carnacki and his friends investigate, and soon find themselves embroiled in a mystery that threatens the peace and sanity of all those who inhabit the North York Moors!

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