The Witch's Heart

Case No. 07: A short story published May 2020, and consisting of about 9,000 words.

Finding himself in need of a holiday, Arkright travels to Somerset to fish the Whitley River with his childhood friend, Gavin Turner. But, he arrives to find that Turner has gone missing, having taken a boat down the river to scout ahead. Arkright follows, and finds that something strange is happening on the Whitley—someone of unknown intent has placed straw men along the bank. What on Earth could they represent? Continuing down the river, he finds his friend's abandoned campsite on a small island. He's forced to spend the night, and is awakened by a strange, whispered incantation coming from outside his tent. He flees, terrified, and contacts the local authorities, who are of little help. He turns to his good friend Thomas Carnacki, the famous occult detective. Carnacki arrives with Dodgson, and the three men find themselves up against a sinister creature of great power and malevolence. To defeat it they must find, and destroy, the witch's heart!

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