The Secret of Thurnley Abbey

Case No. 08: A short story published July 2020, and consisting of about 12,000 words.

When John Broughton inherited Thurnley Abbey in Essex, he knew the legend of the spectral nun said to haunt its corridors. Neither he nor his wife took it seriously, however, until they saw the specter for themselves! Forced to leave the abbey, they call upon Thomas Carnacki, the famous occult detective, to investigate the haunting and put an end to it, if he can. Traveling to Essex with his friends Arthur Dodgson and Lady Anne Bennett—a renowned medium—they learn of the abbey's disturbing history including instances of a strange sickness, an unexplained death and disappearance, a rogue priest, and even rumor of a hidden treasure. But what has this to do with the specter of the nun? To find out, Carnacki and his friends must descend into a forgotten abyss of darkness and nightmare to uncover the secret of Thurnley Abbey!

This story is a sequel to Thurnley Abbey, by Perceval Landon, originally published in McClure's Magazine, Vol. XXXI, October 1908, No. 6. Download Thurnley Abbey in Mobi format (, 93K).

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