The Journey of the Black Obelisk
(The Black Obelisk, Part III)

Case No. 09: A novella published September 2020, and consisting of about 18,000 words.

Occult detective Thomas Carnacki had been in the midst of an investigation when, without a trace, he vanished. His last known location was the ruin of Dunhallow, in the Scottish Highlands just northwest of the village of Dundreggan. He'd been investigating the ancient ruin in relation to his case at Halton Grange and the finding of the black obelisk fragment: an artifact of great power and mysterious origin.

His friends—Dodgson, Jessop, and Bennett—have traced him to the ruin. In the crypt under Dunhallow they find his journal and, something else: a portal carved with indecipherable runes. But where does the portal lead? And, if they enter, can they return? They soon find themselves in a timeless world of darkness where they must find, and confront, the sinister agency behind the black obelisk. The exciting conclusion of The Black Obelisk series!

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