The Secret in the Library

Case No. 03: A short story published October 2019, and consisting of about 7,000 words.

Francis Shaw had been working at the prestigious Morden Library for only a short time, when a series of strange events caught his attention: Rare books and manuscripts, put away for the evening, found lying open again the very next morning. This seemed innocuous enough, and other library staff members passed it off as simply carelessness or the work of a prankster. But as it continued, a disturbing pattern began to emerge, one indicative of an injustice having occurred at some point in the library's past. Spending a night in the library expecting to catch the person responsible in the act, Shaw instead encounters a force outside his experience and enlists occult detective Thomas Carnacki to determine the nature of the phenomenon. Carnacki utilizes all his techniques, and consults famed medium Lady Anne Bennett to uncover The Secret in the Library!

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