The Barton Wood Mystery

Case No. 02: A short story published October 2019, and consisting of about 8,000 words.

After purchasing the Barton Wood estate in Norfolk, Douglas Morgan couldn't wait to move in with his young family: The old manor was exactly what he'd been looking for, and the surrounding country was beautiful. But not long after taking possession, he realized something was terribly wrong at the estate: A menacing presence in the forest, something at the window of his daughter's bedroom, and a strange intruder in the basement all led him to question his acquisition. At his wit's end, and fearing for the safety of his family, he contacts Thomas Carnacki, the famous occult detective, for help. Carnacki finds a force at work on the estate, but is it of the Outside, or something more commonplace? And, what does it want of the Morgan family? Carnacki must investigate and solve The Mystery of Barton Wood, or the Morgans will never have peace again!

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